Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Studies in Spain

Spain is known for its high quality education. The country is a home to some of the oldest and respected universities of Europe. Many International students flock to study in Spain. 

Eligibility Criterion 

Students should have successfully completed higher secondary school and should hold a valid leaving certificate from the institution attended.

Application Procedure

If you want to apply to bachelor degree program in Spain, the application process varies depending upon the country in which you have received your secondary education. 

For European (EU) Students

Students from European country must apply to bachelor degree program in Spain Universities through the SNUDE, the Spanish National University for Distance Education. The application, called “Application for Registration (In Spanish: solicitud de inscripcion)" must be filled by the candidate. After filling the application form, take a print out of it and send it to the National University for Distance Education, along a copy of your passport, identity card or school leaving certificate. If your application gets accepted, you’ll receive a certificate, known as “Credencial de Accesso” within a period of 3 months. 
After receiving the certificate, contact the individual universities in Spain where you want to take admission. Know about their admission process and accordingly apply. Fill in their application form and submit it along with the certificate “Credencial de Accesso” to the concerned University.

For Non-EU Students

Students from a Non- European country, who wish to apply to bachelor’s degree program at a University in Spain, are required to first get recognition from their upper secondary or high school. This recognition affirms that you’ve achieved the necessary documentation in accordance with the requisites in Spain. The recognition can be received at a Spanish Embassy/Consulate. The Embassy will provide you with a Volante Accreditation which can be used to apply at the universities of your choice.
After getting the Volante Acreditativo it is mandatory for you to register for a Spanish University entrance exam called the “selectividad or the Pruebas de Acceso a la Universidad”.
You can apply to each individual university. Download the application form, fill it and sent it along with the necessary documentation to respective University before the deadline. Upon acceptance, you’ll receive an “acceptance letter”. Pay the fees. 

For Students Who Have Started University Studies in Another Country and Who Wish to Continue their Studies in Spain. 

Students who began their university studies in another country and want to continue their studies in Spain must apply for partial recognition of the studies they have already completed overseas. This process is performed at the Spanish university where the student wants to study. 

For partial recognition, at least 30 credits are needed for subjects corresponding to the course you want to study.
The documents issued overseas must be official and must be duly legalized by an Embassy/Consulate or bear the "Hague Apostille". The documents must be supplemented by a corresponding official translation into Spanish. The official translation is done by either a duly authorized or registered translator in Spain, or an Overseas diplomatic representation of Spain

Candidates who couldn’t get the partial recognition are required to sit for the Spanish university admission exam.


Following documents must be submitted-

Application form and fees
English and Spanish Language proficiency
  • English Language Proficiency Test- TOEFL or IELTS scores
  • Spanish Language Proficiency Test- DELE exam score
Official transcripts: Should include details about the subjects undertaken, grades, and so on
School leaving Certificate
Valid Passport and photos
Evidence of financial support
Official Validation Application form: It should include your personal details, subjects studied, and details of subjects you want to validate.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee in Spanish public universities ranges between 750 and 2,400 Euros per course. At private Universities, the cost is high and varies depending upon the institution and course chosen. For latest guidelines see Universities in Spain.
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