Academic Grading System in Spain

Grading System in Spain varies depending upon the type of education level. Generally, a ten-point scale is used at Lower and Upper Secondary Schools and Universities in Spain.

Secondary Education Grading System

ESO – Obligatory Secondary Education (Escuela Secundaria  Obligatoria) 

A 10-point grading scale is used to grade at this level of education. 

 Scale  Grade Description (In Spanish) Grade Description (In English)  US Grade 
 10.00  Matricula de Honor   Matriculation with Honours  A+
 9.00-9.99  Sobresaliente  Outstanding  A
 7.00-8.99  Notable  Very Good  B+
 6.00-6.99  Bien  Good  B
 5.00-5.99  Suficiente  Sufficient  C
 3.00-4.99  Insuficiente  Insufficient  D
 0.00-2.99  Muy deficiente   Very Insufficient  F

University Grading System

The Spanish University System uses two grading scales-
  • A 10-point grading scale
  • A 4-point grading scale

10-Point Grading Scale

 Scale  Grade Description (In Spanish) Grade Description (In English)   US Grade
 10.00  Matricula de Honor   Matriculation with Honors  A+
 9.00-9.99  Sobresaliente  Outstanding  A
 7.00-8.99  Notable   Very Good  B+
 6.00-6.99  Aprobado  Pass  B
 5.50-5.99  Aprobado  Pass  B-
 5.00-5.49  Aprobado  Pass  C
0.00-4.99   Suspenso  Fail  F

4-Point Grading Scale

Furthermore, when a student has passed a subject as per the 10-point scale mentioned above, her or his grade is converted to the following 4-point scale and recorded in her/his transcript of records.

 Scale  Grade Description (In Spanish) Grade Description (In English)  US Grade 
 4.00  Excelente  Excellent  A+
 3.00-3.99  Muy Bien  Very Good  A
 2.00-2.99  Bien  Good  B
 1.00-1.99  Suficiente  Sufficient  C
 0.00-0.99  Suspenso  Fail  F

ECTS Grading Scale

 Scale (Spanish Records) ECTS Grade  Grade Description (In Spanish)  Grade Description (In English) 
 4  A+  Matricula de Honor  Matriculation with Honors- Top Qualification in Class/Subject
 3  A  Sobresaliente  Outstanding-Highest 10%
 2  B  Notable  Very Good-Next 20%
 1  C-D  Aprobado  Pass- Next 65%
   FX-F  Suspenso  Fail

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