Higher Education Institutions in Spain

Higher Education is carried out by the Public and Private Universities in Spain.

Public Universities

As per the Organic Law 6/2001 of Universities, public universities are those institutions set up by an Act of the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Community in whose area/region they are set up and those created by Act of Parliament on the proposition of the Government.

Private Universities

Private Universities are those institutions that are constituted by natural or legal persons pursuant to paragraph 6 of Article 27 of the Spanish Constitution, in conformity with constitutional principles, and subject to the provisions of the Organic Law 6/2001 of the Universities.

These Universities are classified into four types of higher education institutions:

University schools (escuelas universitarias) - This institution offers 'short-term' 3-year courses.

University colleges (colegios universitarios) – The courses in this type of institution lasts for 5 years wherein first 3 years of study leads to a licenciado.

Faculties (facultades) – Offers long-term courses in all fields of study, except technical area of study.  These institution offers courses in  Sciences, Economics and Business Administration, Political Science and Sociology, Law, Education, Philosophy, Spanish Language and literature, Geography and history, and pshychology.

Higher technical schools of engineering and architechture (escuela superior de ingenieria y arquitectura) - offers long-term technical courses of study. These institutions offer courses in Architecture, industrial engineering, naval engineering, civil engineering, mining, forestry engineering, agricultural engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and aeronautical engineering.

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