Spain Embassies and Consulate-General Around the World

Spain has a huge diplomatic presence worldwide. The Spain Embassies and Consulate-General protects the interest of Spain citizens and helps the nationals of other countries wanting to travel to Spain.

List of Spain Embassies and Consulate-General Around the World


  •  Albania-Tirana (Embassy)
  •  Andorra-Andorra la Vella (Embassy)
  •  Austria-Vienna (Embassy)
  •  Belgium-Brussels (Embassy)
  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina-Sarajevo (Embassy)
  •  Bulgaria-Sofia (Embassy)
  •  Croatia-Zagreb (Embassy)
  •  Cyprus-Nicosia (Embassy)
  •  Czech Republic-Prague (Embassy)
  •  Denmark-Copenhagen (Embassy)
  •  Estonia-Tallinn (Embassy)
  •  Finland-Helsinki (Embassy)
  •  France-Paris (Embassy), Bayonne (Consulate-General), Bordeaux (Consulate-General), Lyon (Consulate-General), Montpellier (Consulate-General), Marseille (Consulate-General), Pau (Consulate-General), Perpignan (Consulate-General), Strasbourg (Consulate-General), Toulouse (Consulate-General)
  •  Germany-Berlin (Embassy), Dusseldorf (Consulate-General), Frankfurt (Consulate-General), Hamburg (Consulate-General), Hanover (Consulate-General), Munich (Consulate-General), Stuttgart (Consulate-General)
  •  Greece-Athens (Embassy)
  •  Holy See-Rome (Embassy)
  •  Hungary-Budapest (Embassy)
  •  Ireland-Dublin (Embassy)
  •  Italy-Rome (Embassy), Genova (Consulate-General), Milan (Consulate-General), Naples (Consulate-General)
  •  Latvia-Riga (Embassy)
  •  Lithuania-Vilnius (Embassy)
  •  Luxembourg-Luxembourg (Embassy)
  •  Macedonia-Skopje (Embassy)
  •  Malta-Valletta (Embassy)
  •  Netherlands-The Hague (Embassy), Amsterdam (Consulate-General)
  •  Norway-Oslo (Embassy)
  •  Poland-Warsaw (Embassy)
  •  Portugal-Lisbon (Embassy), Oporto (Consulate-General), Valenca (Consulate), Vila Real de Santo Antonio (Consulate)
  •  Romania-Bucharest (Embassy)
  •  Russia-Moscow (Embassy), Saint Petersburg (Consulate-General)
  •  Serbia-Belgrade (Embassy)
  •  Slovakia-Bratislava (Embassy)
  •  Slovenia-Ljubljana (Embassy)
  •  Sweden-Stockholm (Embassy)
  •  Switzerland-Bern (Embassy), Geneva (Consulate-General), Zurich (Consulate-General)
  •  Ukraine-Kiev (Embassy)
  •  United Kingdom-London (Embassy), Edinburgh (Consulate-General)

North America

  •  Canada-Ottawa (Embassy), Montreal (Consulate-General), Toronto (Consulate- General)
  •  Costa Rica-San Jose (Embassy)
  •  Cuba-Havana (Embassy)
  •  Dominican Republic-Santo Domingo (Embassy)
  •  El Salvador-San Salvador (Embassy)
  •  Guatemala-Guatemala City (Embassy)
  •  Haiti-Port-au-Prince (Embassy)
  •  Honduras-Tegucigalpa (Embassy)
  •  Jamaica-Kingston (Embassy)
  •  Mexico-Mexico City (Embassy), Guadalajara (Consulate-General), Monterrey (Consulate-General)
  •  Nicaragua-Managua (Embassy)
  •  Panama-Panama City (Embassy)
  •  Trinidad and Tobago-Port of Spain (Embassy)
  •  United States-Washington, D.C. (Embassy), Boston (Consulate-General), Chicago (Consulate-General), Houston (Consulate-General), Los Angeles (Consulate-General), Miami (Consulate-General), New York (Consulate-General), San Francisco (Consulate-General), San Juan (Consulate-General)

South America

  •  Argentina-Buenos Aires (Embassy), Bahia Blanca (Consulate-General), Cordoba (Consulate-General), Mendoza (Consulate-General), Rosario (Consulate-General)
  •  Bolivia-La Paz (Embassy), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Consulate-General)
  •  Brazil-Brasilia (Embassy), Porto Alegre (Consulate-General), Rio de Janeiro (Consulate-General), Salvador (Consulate-General), Sao Paulo (Consulate-General)
  •  Chile-Santiago (Embassy)
  •  Colombia-Bogota (Embassy), Cartagena (Consulate-General)
  •  Ecuador-Quito (Embassy), Guayaquil (Consulate-General)
  •  Paraguay-Asuncion (Embassy)
  •  Peru-Lima (Embassy)
  •  Uruguay-Montevideo (Embassy)
  •  Venezuela-Caracas (Embassy)


  •  Algeria-Algiers (Embassy), Oran (Consulate-General)
  •  Angola-Luanda (Embassy)
  •  Cameroon-Yaounde (Embassy)
  •  Cape Verde-Praia (Embassy)
  •  Cote d'Ivoire-Abidjan (Embassy)
  •  Democratic Republic of the Congo-Kinshasa (Embassy)
  •  Egypt-Cairo (Embassy), Alexandria (Consulate-General)
  •  Equatorial Guinea-Malabo (Embassy), Bata (Consulate-General)
  •  Ethiopia-Addis Ababa (Embassy)
  •  Gabon-Libreville (Embassy)
  •  Ghana-Accra (Embassy)
  •  Guinea-Conakry (Embassy)
  •  Guinea-Bissau-Bissau (Embassy)
  •  Kenya-Nairobi (Embassy)
  •  Libya-Tripoli (Embassy)
  •  Mali-Bamako (Embassy)
  •  Mauritania-Nouakchott (Embassy), Nouadhibou (Consulate-General)
  •  Morocco-Rabat (Embassy), Agadir (Consulate-General), Casablanca (Consulate-General), Nador (Consulate-General), Tanger (Consulate-General), Tetuan (Consulate-General), Larache (Consulate)
  •  Mozambique-Maputo (Embassy)
  •  Namibia-Windhoek (Embassy)
  •  Niger-Niamey (Embassy)
  •  Nigeria-Abuja (Embassy), Lagos (Consulate-General)
  •  Senegal-Dakar (Embassy)
  •  South Africa-Pretoria (Embassy), Cape Town (Embassy/Consulate-General)
  •  Sudan-Khartoum (Embassy)
  •  Tanzania-Dar es Salaam (Embassy)
  •  Tunisia-Tunis (Embassy)
  •  Zimbabwe-Harare (Embassy)


  •  Afghanistan-Kabul (Embassy)
  •  Bangladesh-Dhaka (Embassy)
  •  China-Beijing (Embassy), Guangzhou (Consulate-General), Hong Kong (Consulate-General), Shanghai (Consulate-General)
  •  India-New Delhi (Embassy), Mumbai (Consulate-General)
  •  Indonesia-Jakarta (Embassy)
  •  Iran-Tehran (Embassy)
  •  Iraq-Baghdad (Embassy)
  •  Israel-Tel Aviv (Embassy), Jerusalem (Consulate-General)
  •  Japan-Tokyo (Embassy)
  •  Jordan-Amman (Embassy)
  •  Kazakhstan-Astana (Embassy)
  •  Republic of Korea-Seoul (Embassy)
  •  Kuwait-Kuwait City (Embassy)
  •  Lebanon-Beirut (Embassy)
  •  Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur (Embassy)
  •  Oman-Muscat (Embassy)
  •  Pakistan-Islamabad (Embassy)
  •  Philippines-Manila (Embassy)
  •  Qatar-Doha (Embassy)
  •  Saudi Arabia-Riyadh (Embassy)
  •  Singapore-Singapore (Embassy)
  •  Syria-Damascus (Embassy)
  •  Republic of China (Taiwan)-Taipei (Spanish Chamber of Commerce)
  •  Thailand-Bangkok (Embassy)
  •  Turkey-Ankara (Embassy), Istanbul (Consulate-General)
  •  United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi (Embassy)
  •  Vietnam-Hanoi (Embassy)


  •  Australia-Canberra (Embassy), Melbourne (Consulate-General), Sydney (Consulate-General)
  •  New Zealand-Wellington (Embassy)
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